Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fearful Symmetry G J  Gillespie

Go tell of symmetry
Ringing in the world
How it slips down the slough 
Spinning tentatively

Gasping with excitement
Spurred to reach the gate
We lift our heads to see
Final complementarity

A hundred bright spots
Burned up today
Leaving gray the sky
Balancing night with light

And with each sigh
Sings a somber lullaby
Longing too intense to taste
Music to fill empty space

Hear now this stellar narrative
Bringing mystery inside
To drive away dust and decay
In time to meet the dawn

Then hands will join
With hugs of kin
Lost centuries ago
In sunny contemplation

Away into a snow storm
Feathers beat in peace
Until all hope is made secure
And comfort sits like kings