Friday, June 1, 2012

September Mourn Mourn
By GJ Gillespie

Awakened by the silence
Of empty flight paths above
An unfamiliar noiseless night
No roar or whistle of airliner
Turning for touch down in the distance

Bathed by dim light flickering at two AM
Watching news clips replay again and again
Tilted wings hit metal and glass
Giant plumes pour black from towers
And figures at windows fall

Out of the blue skyscrapers melt
Crashing silhouettes crumble
Down into a cloud of chalk
Dissolving all hope in slow motion
Three thousand times over

Muted by murder caught on tape
Stunned at the sight of such peril
Steel-girdle cross sticking among rubble
And tattered flag flying upon ruin

Awakened from sleep by a stillness
Instead of jet engines in the dead of night
Dark dreams of a thousand sorties
Scream to silence the guilty

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