Saturday, February 2, 2013

Disturbing Nature

Kenneth Callahan
Blue jay's squawk
Makes discordant song 
Jars us awake
To wipe away dawn

When sun arises
Rooster is calling
Proving we're denying 
Jesus all over again

Self righteous peacock 
Screaming in midst of a strut
Beautiful and he knows it 
Damnable thing

Near inaudible chatter 
Of chickadees flocking
Twitching eyes flicker
They know you are sinning

Murder of crows gather 
On bare limbs of winter
Morris Graves
Like black robed judges 
Conferring to rule

High perched hawk
Whistles cries from afar
Who welcomed you to witness our music? 
Sink back into sleeping once more

by GJ Gillespie 

Morris Graves

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